Operation Love...from Home 2020

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Shredfest 2019

Nvest Financial Group would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attend their annual shredding event! On Saturday, May 11th, ShredFest took over at their Kennebunk office parking lot located at 69 York Street.  Without a Trace was available for on-site shredding along with Hot Digity Dog Food Truck for breakfast and lunch from 9am-1pm.  Both shredding and food were complimentary and sponsored by Nvest Financial Group for the community.

“This is such a great thing for the community, this is our 3rd year coming and we plan to come again next year,” said one attendee.  “We always look forward to covering this event and being in the community,” shared the staff from Without a Trace.

This year, two shredding trucks were on site as in years past, trucks were filled to capacity and then some! Over 13,300 pounds of paper were shredded on site!  Nvest Financial would like to remind everyone to mark their calendars for next year as their event will be held on Saturday, May 16th, 2020.   





Nvest Financial Group Sends Over 1,400 Pounds
of Goods to Troops Overseas with the Help of the Community

Nvest’s goal with this initiative is to remind at least some of our service- men and women that everyone from home is thinking of them, cheering for them, praying for them, appreciate their sacrifice and that they are loved!During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, troops are traditionally remembered with packages sent as the thought of not being home with loved ones can be unbearable. However, once the holidays are over, many service- men and women may begin to feel isolated as packages and letters slow down. Being away from loved ones is difficult enough but as the holiday of love approaches, a bitter reminder of being away overseas and away from family and friends is upon them. Many train themselves to think that Valentine’s Day is merely just another day.

Each year starting after Christmas, Nvest has committed to promoting “Operation: Love…From Home”. Nvest will collect goods that we believe service- men and women miss most while being overseas including handwritten notes and cards from area school children, package and ship these goods in time to arrive for Valentine's day. We hope this endeavor will grow each year so that one day the same can be accomplished for multiple units serving overseas.

From everyone at Nvest: THANK YOU for contributing! We are extremely grateful to the community and everyone who participated. And a special thank you to Mail-It-Unlimited for donating the packaging material and helping ship the items in time. Without the love and support of the community in Kennebunk, Portsmouth, Newburyport and all the surrounding towns, Nvest would not have been able to send as many items and cards!

And be sure to check your local newspaper in January 2019 for the next “Operation: Love…From Home”!


Operation Love...from Home 2018

Operation Love from Home



Toys for Tots

Nvest Financial Group Donates to Harvey Relief Efforts

Kennebunk, September, 1, 2017- Nvest Financial Group has chosen to donate funds to the Houston Food Bank (HFB) and The Salvation Army to help the people of Texas affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

HFB is providing food and supplies to residents in southeast Texas struggling to rebuild their lives. HFB’s website shared: “An unprecedented number of people in the greater Houston area are affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The storm unleashed monumental destruction across southeast Texas.  For individuals who already struggle to provide for their family’s basic needs, the flooding is even more catastrophic.  The Houston Food Bank has a history of providing disaster relief, but we've never seen devastation on this scale.” 

The Salvation Army is on the ground with their donations, resources and volunteers providing rescue efforts to individuals and their families.  They are providing food, water and shelter for victims, lending a hand with cleanup and putting people in touch with their loved ones.  The Salvation Army is also helping families rebuild, helping communities restore their businesses, helping with medical expenses, and providing counseling for those in need.  They shared this story on their website from Hurricane Harvey victims talking to a rescue crew: “I’ve been eating beans out of a can for three days.  Having a hot meal is so appreciated.”  Also at the same apartment complex, the rescue crew found people attempting to cook on a make-shift charcoal grill:  “We have just been trying to cook enough to keep food in peoples’ bellies”, a victim said.  “Thank you so very much for coming out to feed us and make sure we are okay.”

Although in Maine, Nvest Financial Group’s thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas during this time of crisis.